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Voice Training




Beginner's Singing Lessons

Beginner's singing lessons introduce a student to the basic aspects of vocal theory, ensuring a student understands the basic knowledge of how the voice works. Beginner students will learn a variety of different vocal techniques and exercises to instil correct function and understanding of the voice to ensure vocalists are singing correctly and safely. The songs chosen at beginner level will allow a vocalist to apply their new skill-set and explore their own ability within a fun and enjoyable environment.


Intermediate Singing Lessons

At a more advanced level, a singer may have already established a specific sound and style. The Voice Academy Vocal Coaches specialise in nurturing a vocalist’s individual talent and sound, offering adjustments to technique and advice about how to improve. At this stage student's would be encouraged to build on their song repertoire, applying the techniques and methods they have learnt. Intermediate singing lessons would introduce new aspects of singing such as connecting with an audience, delivery of the song and stage presence.


Advanced Singing Lessons

Advanced singing lessons at The Voice Academy are aimed toward professional singers seeking additional guidance to help with specific songs, auditions or performances, focusing on in depth knowledge of technique and offering elite training for professional purposes. 


Vocal Health

At The Voice Academy, we also offer support for singers who are having vocal difficulties and require rehabilitation. These unique lessons can help a singer to utilise their speech therapy exercises and apply them to their singing voice. We combine these exercises with our expert research and speech therapy knowledge to support a singer back to full voice!

COMING SOON! Vocal Massage with Alexandra Hans - A soft tissue massage with an integrated myofasical release to create a pain free treatment. Manual therapy focuses on areas such as the jaw, the neck, into-oral areas and the larynx. 


For singers hoping to pursue an academic qualification, we offer London College of Music examinations in both Music Theatre and Popular Music. The board is accredited by Ofqual, Dfes and CCEA with higher grades contributing towards UCAS points. Singing exam preparation can also help towards GCSE and A-Level preparation in Performing Arts. Our students have all achieved an exceptionally high pass rate with 95% receiving distinctions. We are also very proud that we have a 100% success rate, with all student achieving 70% pass rates and over. Eleven students have been awarded the highest mark in the region for their grades!


For all those aspiring actors, we have specialised unique acting lessons catered for each individual focusing on:

  • Acting Technique

  • Audition Prep

  • Improvisation

  • Voice and Acting

  • Character Development

  • Stage Presence

TVA also offers coaching to professionals who seek training in group/teaching environments, focusing on:

  • Projection

  • Dynamics

  • Engagement

  • Presence

  • Text


Performance Opportunities

The Voice Academy has performed in several different venues across the UK, including the Adelphi Theatre London, The O2 Arena London, The Shaftesbury Theatre London, Alton Towers Hotel and a variety of local productions. The Voice Academy have also participated in charity performances for Safe@Last, The Mayor’s Charity, Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice, Sheffield Children's Hospital and the Rother FM Toy Appeal.


The Voice Academy prides itself on providing new and exciting performance opportunities both home and abroad for all of our students, giving them experiences and memories which will last a lifetime!


“I could not recommend TVA enough. My daughters confidence has soared due to the care and support she receives. The coaches support my daughter to be the best she can be" - Elaine

“The Voice Academy is amazing - not only have I improved vocally, but with help from the teachers, my confidence has been boosted immensely! I couldn’t recommend enough!" - Sam

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